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Theme Nights

What's a theme night, you ask? It's our equivalent of the ultimate costume party. Theme nights are totally optional, but it's way more fun if you participate! They always provide the best people-watching, so be sure to join in and add to the fun.


  • Rep Yer Warped Roots

    Rep Yer Warped Roots

    Saturday, October 28

    The best way to get to know each other on the first day is by reppin' our roots! Connect with the fam by wearing a shirt, hat, or flair from your hometown, your first Warped Tour, or the first band that made you fall in love with all things Warped. Want to take it even further? Dress in throwback attire to rep' the decade you discovered Warped!

  • Goth Night

    Goth Night

    Sunday, October 29

    Tonight we’re getting sad as f*@k. If you weren’t a goth kid back in the high school and MySpace days, now’s your chance. This one needs no explanation – all black everything and more.

  • Pajama Jammy Jam

    Pajama Jammy Jam

    Monday, October 30

    It's a pajama party...on a boat! Break out the flannels, stripes, onesies, or t-shirts & undies - whatever makes you the most comfy to get your jammy jam on. And where there's Pjs you know there's late-night pizza, pillow fights, sing-alongs, and who knows what else...

  • The Dead Will Rock Again

    The Dead Will Rock Again

    Tuesday, October 31

    This Halloween we’re partying like rockstars….DEAD rockstars! Bring your favorite deceased artists back to life or create zombified looks with your costumes. We’ll pay tribute on board with a themed dance party! 

    Rockstar vibes not your thing? It’s Halloween and it's your vacation, so you do you! Wear whatever makes you happy (or spooky) and get ready for a Halloween night full of hellish hits and freaky fun!




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