Madina Lake

Chicago rock band Madina Lake reunites to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their Roadrunner Records debut, "From Them, Through Us, To You"..or "From Them, Through Ten, To You."  The album quickly garnered a small, but world-wide cult following of fans that remain as devoted today as they were when they discovered the band, likely through MTV and radio airplay of singles, "House of Cards" and "Here I Stand." FTTUTY also marks the first installment of an ambitious declaration the band made which announced that a mystery would unfold over the course of three records with clues hidden in the artwork, on the records and at live shows, culminating in a powerful social commentary that was revealed by way of a novel, released in tandem with the final installment of the trilogy, "World War III."

We're still not sure if this will be the last opportunity to see them perform live.