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Show Us Your #WARPEDINK Contest

Show Us Your #WARPEDINK Contest

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Want the chance to win a free tattoo from David during the cruise? Post photos of your tattoos – whether they’re Warped related or not – on Instagram and tag @warpedrewind #warpedink. We’ll select one random winner by April 30th!

We're even taking it a step further! Are you super excited about Warped Rewind at Sea and looking for an excuse to get inked? We’ve got one. Get the Warped Rewind logo tattooed anywhere on your body and we’ll give you $250 onboard credit to spend however you’d like during the cruise! REALLY. Don’t forget to post a photo and tag @warpedrewind #warpedink to get that money, honey!

Details for your Warped Rewind tattoo:

  • The Warped Rewind at Sea ARROW logo
  • Must be large enough for the text to be legible (consult your tattoo artist)
  • Full color 

When tattoo is completed (or healed!), post a photo on Instagram and tag @warpedrewind #warpedrewind. A Sixthman staffperson will contact you to get your reservation information. You can also send a message directly to us! The $250 onboard credit will be applied to your account by the second day of sailing. Happy inking! 

WARPED REWIND LOGO TATTOO UPDATE OCTOBER 20: All guests who have posted a photo of their tattoo and tagged Warped Rewind have been contacted by Sixthman as of October 20. If you have not received an email, please contact us at warpedrewind@sixthman.net with a photo of your tattoo and your Sixthman username.


WHEN: Saturday, October 28 4:00PM

WHERE: Bliss Lounge (Deck 7, AFT)

Sixthman staff will check you in and visually confirm your tattoo, then we’ll capture the moment with a group photo!
The $250 credit will be reflected on your account by the end of Sunday and can be used while sailing for any purchases (i.e. merchandise, beverages, specialty dining, etc.) If you’re unable to attend the meetup, please visit the Sixthman Guest Services Desk (Atrium, Deck 7, MID) during scheduled hours.



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